Darkness, Politics, and Principles

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Darkness, Politics, and Principles

Post by Acryptical on Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:10 pm

In Star Wars, Darkness is associated with the Empire. The Empire was evil, lead by a Sith. Absolutism which confiscated freedom for the sake of security, just like communism, was Dark while the rebellion which ultimately heralded the Galactic Republic was the harbinger of Light.

I'm not an advocate of this line of thinking. I can see a free market society being just as evil as an empire. Kind of like the United States where politicians are regularly intimately tied to big business, and they push regulations which are designed to specifically benefit those businesses. But hey, might is right, no?

I simply do not associate any single political stance with that which is Dark. Darkness can thrive in any social or political structure. Perhaps this is why we should tip our hat to Darkness!

If Darkness is about the self, it would logically follow that the ideal political position of a Dark Jedi would be one that favors individualism. Thing is, what if the Darkness isn't always about the self? What if there are other principles at work than selfishness when it comes to Darkness?

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