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Forum Guidelines

Post by Acryptical on Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:55 pm

1. Members are required to adhere to all regulations prescribed by the forum hosts's terms of service.
2. Use common sense when posting.
3. Trolls will be indiscriminately banned. This automatically includes douchebags from SA.
4. No proselytizing. Religious sermons disguised as forum posts will be deleted.
5. No pornography or similar images, or links to the same.
6. No threats of violence or legal action.
7. No plagiarism. Cite your sources.
8. No selling or advertising, or linking offsite in an attempt to sell or advertise.
9. Self control is a highly prized value here. It is advised that you practice self control when interacting with other members in the form of aspiring to intelligent, meaningful conversation when posting publicly. Overly belligerent and aggressive behavior will be tolerated only so far as it applies to the content being discussed. This is not a virtual proving ground where members practice verbal pissing contests to satisfy their inferiority complexes. When your posts degrade into meaninglessness, as will you.

You have the right to report any suspected violation of these guidelines to the Administrator.

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