Hello everyone.

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Hello everyone.

Post by Acryptical on Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:39 pm

Hello everyone. I am called Acryptical.

I chose to create this forum because I feel there is a need for places focused strictly on individualism in a broad sense. I have been inspired, both positively and negatively, by a number of other Star Wars based communities: Force Academy, Temple of the Jedi Order, Order of the Sith, Real Jedi Knights, and Sith Academy. At one point or another over the past seven years, I have been a member of each of the aforementioned communities under various usernames.

While I've spent much time training with various Knights and Masters at these communities, and have attained several titles, I myself claim no title of Master or Darth or Lord here. I rule over no one, and have no desire to. I have mastered no doctrine or philosophical method save my own, and do not wish to teach any. I do not follow a code, and have no great ambition to achieve anything great in the material sense, as my goals relating to this venue are principally mental. I feel as though I don't really fit into any currently existing place within the greater online Force Realist community, but I am drawn to its aspects nonetheless and wish to continue to explore the mysteries of what we call the Force on my own terms. This is what makes me a Dark Jedi, and I have claimed this corner of the web for those individuals who may feel similarly inclined.

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