Titles and Rank

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Titles and Rank

Post by Acryptical on Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:18 pm

There are no titles or rank to be gained in the Dark Jedi Cave. There are plenty of titles and rank to be earned out in the world, which hold far greater value than any title that can be displayed here beneath your avatar.

Titles have their place. They are not meaningless, and they are not without value. But when you are alone in the Darkness, what purpose does your rank serve you? Titles and rank belong in a social hierarchy where a service is being performed. In the Dark Jedi Cave, the sole function is to learn more about your own power, your will, and how to master it. In the Darkness, no one can see your badges anyway. They are proof of achievement, for the benefit of others. They have very little to do with you, yourself, except something to be proud of or as a symbol of what you did. Titles are the trappings which give validation to your credibility. And credibility implies proving yourself to someone else. Be not so pathetic as to require a badge from someone so that you can define yourself as a human being. Nevertheless, if you earn a title... so what? Titles and rank should be a byproduct of doing what you would do anyway.

Usergroups are used here to categorize a member's personally chosen affinity. They are not something earned after any amount of time, posts, or level of agreeability. They do not denote rank of any kind.

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